the making of a masterpiece

it all starts with a great American auto company producing an iconic car

Luxury Collectibles prides itself in focusing on America's premiere auto manufacturers. We choose their most iconic cars and painstakingly reproduce them as highly detailed resin models for the most discriminating collectors. After all, we are serious collectors ourselves and it takes one to know one.

no detail left behind

Our team rushes to the release show and exhaustively details the car. We check every angle, every nook and cranny. When we are done, every detail of the real thing is chronicled to produce an almost exact replica. Our collectors know that we pride ourselves in details, which is why our models are consistently held in such high regard in the model community.

plan, build, compare, scratch, plan, build, compare, hit!

Every model created by Luxury Collectibles goes through many rigorous stages in its development. We can trash many different prototypes before we find a match we are happy with. Collectors have come to rely on our uncomprising approach to model creation - and we do not disappoint.

hand built with love

Once a model is ready for production, the Luxury Collectibles factories, specially chosen for their quality and precision, start building the model. The models are built from top quality resin in extremely limited quantities (some in batches of only 100!). For added care, all Luxury Collectibles resin models are hand assembled. There are just some things that machines cannot do.

... and finally a masterpiece is born!