Luxury Die Cast, LLC began in 2009 as the dream-child of Michael Nussen. Michael had an ambition to create a new company with the help and guidance of his father, who made his own success in the manufacture of silver jewelry. Michael took a cue from his son's love of model cars and coupled it with his own passion for American automotive excellence and created Luxury Die Cast.

Soon after the inception of Luxury Die Cast and the delivery of it's first range of 43rd scale die cast models, Michael enlisted the help of M&D International Distributors for the distribution of the Luxury Die Cast brand in export markets. M&D International Distributors has been distributing American brands of die cast to world markets for over a decade. M&D International Distributors enjoyed immediate success providing the Luxury Die Cast brand to its export network. Drew Heitner, founder of M&D International Distributors, was then hired by Luxury Die Cast to manage the continuing development of the brand through the provision of additional manufacturing and distribution channels along with the acquisition of appropriate licensing.

Drew turned to his long time colleague and friend Peter Ross to assist in the process of Luxury Die Cast product development and distribution. For well over a decade Peter has been a major force in the collectible model business, having been involved in the start-up of several prominent European brands of scale model automobiles. Drew and Peter had worked together on several projects over the years, and Luxury Die Cast was the perfect fit to bring these two dynamic personalities of the world-wide model collector's industry together in a singular effort.

This resulted in the birth Luxury Collectibles. With a focus on delivering the finest hand built cold cast resin and die cast reproductions of late and current model American luxury vehicles, Luxury Collectibles is quickly assuming it's place among the great brands of collectible automotive memorabilia. Another key element of the Luxury Collectibles concept is the creation of Oval Office Limousines, a brand focused on bringing to the world the finest reproductions of the most luxurious vehicles in history - American Presidential Limousines.

Matt Heitner was next to join the team. With his many years of international marketing as VP of M & D International Distributors and product development as Director of Motorhead Miniatures, Matt brings his unique vision of product development and promotional sales to Luxury Collectibles. In addition, his basic Motorhead nature and obsessive interest in the American automotive market makes his input essential in the selection of Luxury Collectibles subject matter.

These are the individuals who, like the spokes of a well balanced wheel, each have their own invaluable contribution to provide. This is the team that has made Luxury Collectibles such a formidable force in today's world wide model car market in such a short span of time.

And the wheels have only just begun to spin.

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